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In this section we present our publications, our articles in the media, as well as interviews. Also reports and publications of the team members in other publishing houses.

Análisis. Colombia en mora de incluir protección de los océanos en las NDC. Por Ana Lucía Maya Aguirre (Directora)

This article published in the Voces del Clima Magazine presents an analysis of the reasons why Colombia should include ocean protection in the National Determined Contributions (NDC) of the Paris Agreement. It is noted that the issue has been absent in the NDC of Colombia, as well as the protection of local coastal communities.

Consult the complete publication in Spanish at this link

Opinion. Mangroves: 8 reasons to protect them

This infographic presents 8 reasons to protect mangroves: they are the "nursery for fish", they are a habitat for fish, they purify the water that goes to the oceans, they desalinate the water that comes from the oceans, they are essential for food sovereignty and food security, help keep coastal populations safe from natural disasters and coastal erosion, and help mitigate climate change. See infograhic in Spanish in this link

Opinion. Interview about the International Day Free of Plastic Bags

Interview with Héctor Herrera (Co-founder and advisor).

It is highlighted that nationally substitutable single-use plastics should be banned. There is also a lack of efficient collection and disposal policies.

Posted in Spanish in Micanal40 at this link

We Can't Wait A ny Longer for A Coastal Act in Colombian.

By Ana Lucía Maya Aguirre (Director of the Observatory for Marine and Coastal Governance (Colombia).

This article analyzes the need to approve a coastal law that comprehensively regulates the protection of the coastal marine territory, facilitates access to environmental information and creates an authority in charge of the subject.

This article was published by Semana Sostenible. Available in Spanish at this link

The Rights of Nature (Rivers) and Constitutional Actions in Colombia.

By Héctor Herrera-Santoyo. Coordinator of the Energy Transition Area.

This article was published by the GNHRE. Available in English at this link

News: Bill of coastal law filled in the Colombian Congress

Bogotá and Barranquilla, July 29, 2019

The Observatory for Marine and Coastal Governance in partnership with research groups made contributions to a coastal bill filled in the Colombian Congress

More information in Spanish at this link

Opinion. 4 Reasons to Pass a Coastal Law in Colombia

4 reasons are presented in this infographic to justify the approval of a Coastal Law in Colombia. See the infographic in Spanish at this link