Thematic Areas

Marine and Coastal Governance. We contribute to citizen participation in the governance of marine and coastal territories and their ecosystems, and thus to the strengthening of the rule of law, institutions and public policy measures to protect local coastal communities and marine and coastal territories. We promote and spread best practices to protect coastal marine ecosystems and local coastal communities as a priority concern in legislative, executive and judicial decision-making processes.

We work within the framework of the SDGs, in particular SDG 14 on marine biodiversity protection, SDG 13 regarding legislation and public policy to mitigate the effects of climate change and take measures to adapt to it, SDG 7 to support measures towards the transition to clean energy, SDG 4 focused on actions for inclusive environmental education, and SDG 16 for the implementation of environmental governance measures.

Marine Justice and Climate Action. We contribute to positioning the concept of marine justice and ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change. This is based on the consideration that factors such as poverty, geographic location, lack of state capacity and discrimination in all its manifestations increase the risks and adverse effects of natural disasters and climate change, including environmental displacement. We help develop skills and capacities for people to defend their rights and advocate before the authorities to take these and other factors into account.

Sustainable Artisanal fishing. Our work focuses on building the capacity of communities to implement SDG 14 with respect to measures taken to protect marine and coastal ecosystems, promote the sustainable and equitable use of marine biodiversity, and ensure artisanal fishers' access to biodiversity and fair markets.

Our work also addresses work on SDG 13 with respect to legislation and public policy to mitigate the effects of climate change and take measures to adapt to it, SDG 4 focused on an Inclusive environmental education, and SDG 16 to implement environmental governance actions.

Ocean literacy. We promote the spread of science in a language accessible to all, and work to bring science closer to local communities, within the framework of SDGs 4 and 14, and the United Nations Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development.