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Joint statement of the civil society for the Political Declaration of the UN Ocean Conference 2022

Right to Science and an Ethnic and Local Approach to Ocean Literacy Link

What We Do

Sustainable artisanal marine fisheries

Learn about the initiative "Colombia, visible artisanal fishing". Access to educational tools and seminars on the impact of development projects, pollution, industrial overfishing, trawling on artisanal fisheries.

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Participation at the United Nations (UN) 

We are an accredited organization to the United Nations Ocean Conference. We submit reports to the UN Special Rapporteurs, and add our voice for marine justice and the sustainable and equitable use of marine diversity at the international arena

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Ocean literacy

Access publications, talks and seminars, which seek to disseminate marine scientific knowledge, social, traditional and ancestral knowledge of the communities on marine and coastal ecosystems  link (available in Spanish)

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Alliance with "Water, Our Right

We are part of the initiative "Water, Our Right" (AND by its initials in Spanish), a group of civil society organizations from Mexico, Colombia, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala and the United States, concerned about the defense of the rights to water, sanitation and a healthy environment in the Wider Caribbean Region.

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Blue Documents. Special edition. Artisanal fishing

July 2022

Annual publication with academic articles Link

Joint statement civil society June 22, 2022Presented at the United Nations Conference on Oceans.The right to science, and an ethnic and local approach to ocean education Link
Side event- Marine Justice and Right to ScienceJune 30, 2022More information in this link

The "Marine Justice and International Law" research group, supported by the Observatory for Coastal Marine Governance, carries out research activities, ocean literacy, defense of the environment and the rights of fishing communities from a multidisciplinary approach. This work is part of a civil society follow-up on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Our board is made up of the marine scientist Dr. Heidi Weiskel PhD, the environmentalist African lawyer Thuli Makama, professor Erin Daly, and the Colombian environmentalist lawyer Carlos Lozano

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Our team is made up of professionals from various areas, such as: law, marine sciente, engineering, international relations and sociology.

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thematic areas

Our thematic areas are: marine justice and climate action, sustainable artisanal marine fisheries, ocean environmental education, and coastal marine governance.

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News and opinions

In this section we share our publications in the press related to the thematic areas of the organization.

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